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An entrepreneur, movement enthusiast, mental health advocate, unwavering optimist and most importantly--human. I'm dedicated to helping you recognize your potential.

This is the story all about how...

For my entire life I have been passionate and interested in a number of seemingly unconnected things–dance, yoga, writing, psychology, art, fitness, organizing and decorating are only a glimpse. After graduating with an undergrad in Psychology and cheering for the New England Patriots, I went on to take an entry level job in a corporate setting. I had spent three incredible years traveling and performing for Super Bowl XLII, Operation Seasons Greetings with the U.S Air Force Reserve and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


I missed the joy that cheering had brought me and I was feeling a need to express my creativity, my love for fitness, my secret dream of being (a rapper…more on that later), an entrepreneur, a leader and to understand the deeply human aspect of evolution and growth as we move through this life. 


My journey with fitness began in 2009 when my friend begged me to try this new "barre" fitness class she'd been hearing all about. I'll never forget how good my mind and body felt after taking that class. In 2011, I left my corporate job and I opened my first fitness studio. Fast forward many years and countless educational experiences later, my practice of barre and yoga has drastically shifted to a more abstract and daily based approach. Barre will always be my baby! I love teaching movement and I love how far it has helped myself and others grow personally both on and off the mat. 


In 2017, I became a mom. In the years that follow, life gets hard. Really hard, but also really beautiful.  As I reflect on what I know now, I can only hope that my experiences will help other parents navigate the struggles we feel as we try to keep tiny humans alive while living in a modern world, mourning the loss of our old identities, yet simultaneously celebrating our new ones.

I have since successfully sold my studio locations and am excited to focus on movement and mental health combined as a graduate student enrolled in a Clinical Mental Health Program. My hope is to create products and services that will make a difference, fusing and focusing on those “unconnected” things because they are what makes whole living whole.

I hope if you're reading this and we get to work together that our time spent reinvigorates you to bring more playfulness to your daily practice, to give more intention to your interactions and most importantly, I hope it connects you to the human aspect of this life.


In between class offerings, full time Mama Bear status and studying I’ll be practicing my best Cardi B.... Okkkurr.


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